Société de 032c: Artist Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili on Brazlian Novelist Clarice Lispector

On the pink carpet: a literary recommendation from the Tblisi-born, Berlin-based artist.

Société de 032c: MATTHEW, JENNIFER, and ALYX WILLIAMS pause for medieval storytime

The ALYX family take a pause on a trip round Michelangelo Antonioni’s hometown.

Earlier this week, we posted Lukas Gansterer’s portraits from the weekend’s Société de 032c barnight, held to mark the opening of “The Sound of Light’s Own Destruction,” an exhibition at the 032c WORKSHOP Vitrine by the designer Matthew Williams and fashion photographer Nick Knight for the New York-based label ALYX. Here, we have part II of party imagery, shot by Maxime Ballesteros. Call it a return to the scene of the crime.

Or perhaps that should be going back to lit firework: throughout the night, screens showed spontaneously combusting explosives, held inside a vitrine of their own, their full-spectrum force captured in Ultra HD. Elsewhere, 032c and Johann König screened the German side beating Italy 6-5 on penalties. Click through to see Maxime’s portraits below.

ALYX / Nick Knight – “The Sound of Light’s Own Destruction” is on show at 032c Workshop, St Agnes, Alexandrinenstr. 118-121 until 31 July. Come visit Mon-Fri 12-6pm, and follow this link to preorder a belt produced by 032c in collaboration with Alyx

ALYX / Nick Knight: “THE SOUND OF LIGHT’S OWN DESTRUCTION” Opening and Société de 032c Bar Night Part II

Return to the scene of the crime with a second set of photos from the ALYX, Matthew Williams and Nick Knight 032c WORKSHOP vitrine opening.

ALYX / Nick Knight: “THE SOUND OF LIGHT’S OWN DESTRUCTION” Opening and Société de 032c Bar Night

Events from the opening of the latest 032c WORKSHOP Vitrine, captured by LUKAS GANSTERER.

CHRISTOPHE CHEMIN Opening and Société de 032c Bar Night

Prada Undone mixed with vodka: pictures from the opening night of the current 032c Workshop exhibition.

DJ Abu Ashley reads 032c in front of the Pyramids of Giza

Summer flashback with MICHELLE ELIE MEIRÉ.

Give 032c an upside down look. New campaign images from Austria’s finest WENDY&JIM by Lukas Gansterer

Editor-in-Chief of TISSUE Magazine UWE JENS BERMEITINGER taking a break from the next issue’s production next to a self-portrait at Galerie Kai Erdmann, Hamburg

While we’re in production for the next issue of 032c, summer simply seems over. ANA BULJAN reminds us it’s not

Writer STEPHANIE LACAVA posts up contrapposto with trainer Kwame Davis at Mendez Boxing, just around the corner from Madison Square Garden in Manhattan.

Summer in the Sierras: Biotech Data Researcher ASH CASSELMAN at Lake Tahoe, CA

RAZZLE DAZZLE ITEM IDEM: Cyril Duval reading 032c in the harbor of HYDRA, Greece, w/ the Jeff Koons-designed yacht GUILTY making a cameo in the background.

Ready for a summer break!!! Here, curators NADJA ARGYROPOULOU of Deste Foundation and MYRIAM BEN SALAH of Palais de Tokyo enjoy St. Nicholas beach on Hydra, Greece.

Next Level Société de 032c? Featuring the magazine in an oil painting! Hamburg’s incredible MELODIE MICHELBERGER is painted by Vera Kochubey.

Designer JONATHAN OLIVARES in front of the Godzilla of Art Deco, the Merchandise Mart, Chicago.

A Celebration of Nike Innovation & Société de 032c Bar Night

YNGVE HOLEN, Economy Class Legs & Société de 032c bar night

032china: At an 032c reception hosted by Sandra von Mayer-Myrtenhain at Beijing concept store BLAKK

CHEE, LI & 032c: Photographer SENG CHEE and Chinese superstar GONG LI with the new summer issue at a very private 032c reception at the Film Festival in Cannes.

Warming up to summer at the Fondation Fontanieu with the new 032c issue!

TRUST THE GIRLS. The beautiful Cicciolina gang – Yasmina Dexter, Niki Pauls & Allegria Torassa (all dressed in PREEN) – just threw the best party in Cannes, but they truly shine as an ad-hoc reading group of the new 032c summer issue.

COMING SOON: 032c personal delivery service


For the special moments in life…

Michael Ladner and Cyril Duval
Thomas Jeppe, Manuel Buerger, and a friend
Frank Seidlitz and Adriano Sack
Niki Pauls, Mara Delius, Maria Koch, and Tjorven Vahldieck
Ulrich Gutmair and Tilman Baumgaertel
Pierre Girardot, Tintin Yungsson, Louis Backhouse and Danny MUster
Dirk Bonn, Niki Pauls and Robi Headman
Nina Byttebier and Matthew Evans

THOMAS JEPPE / Abstract Journalism: Opening Scenes & Société de 032c Bar Night

Still life from Palm Beach, Florida. “To my girl SHIRLEY Happy Birthday #90”- Greetings from Rihanna to 032c Fashion Director Mel Ottenberg’s grandmother.

Photographers NADA LOTTERMANN and VANESSA FUENTES at the opening of their show PING PONG in Los Angeles. They sent their images to fellow photographers like Juergen Teller (look behind!), Maxime Ballesteros, Elfie Semotan, Roger Deckker, and many more, who then responded with their own images. Exquisite Corpse!

WALTER TRIER / LILLIPUT exhibition: Opening Scenes and Société de 032c Bar Night

Peekaboo: the lovely LARA STONE reading 032c on set in Paris