032c LoveSexDreams “Team Société”: Workshop Friends Edition (Part II)

Mariama, Buyegi and Libell match in the 032c LoveSexDreams Ribbed Tank in white and black, and the "Next" Jean in light and dark blue. Buyegi finishes his look with the denim jacket.

As we mentioned earlier this month, the 032c team has been wearing a lot of LoveSexDreams apparel this summer – and have our friends. For this shoot, sales director NUNGUJA KISALYA invited a few of hers to 032c Workshop headquarters.

Mariama wears the 032c LoveSexDreams "Freed0m" longsleeve and the "Next" Jeans in light blue

MARIAMA is a DJ who started her event series, SIKA, right before Corona shut everything down, but plans to pick it up again as soon as she can figure out a way to do it given Berlin regulations.

Buyegi wears the 032c LoveSexDreams "FRC" t-shirt and Cargo Shorts, paired with the 032c x adidas Originals GSG-9High Top Sneaker

BUYEGI (Nunguja’s brother) just launched a radio show called THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE on CCTV Radio Berlin.

Libell wears the 032c LoveSexDreams "Stripes" shirt and the neoprene shorts in mint

LIBELL is interested in humanity and its multifaceted layers, and tries to explore with a visual approach.

Mariama, Buyegi and Libell wear the 032c LoveSexDreams "Team Société" Varsity Jacket. Mariama pairs it with the neoprene shorts in black, while Buyegi and Libell rock the straight leg trouser

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